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If you’re a dentist with a practice in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, or New York, and you’re seeking associates, you’ve come to the right place. We have an extensive network of qualified associates, and our DDSmatch team – Justin Baumann, Bill Coates, and Joe McGonigal – can find you the right fit when it comes to skills, personality, and long-term goals.

The Benefits of Using DDSmatch

We have an extensive database of associates looking to join a practice. Our listings also include a large roster of associate candidates ranging from recent graduates to experienced dentists in search of their breakthrough opportunity.

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Find the right associate for your practice. You’ll find an extensive roster in our listings.

What Dentists Are Saying

What Dentists Are Saying

The Team In Your Corner

Justin Baumann, Joe McGonigal, and Bill Coates have decades of experience in the dental industry. With their extensive network and partnerships, they can help you plan and execute the ideal transition for you and your practice. Learn more about the specialists you’ll work with.

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Selling Your Dental Practice

We set clear goals and expectations upfront to ensure a smooth transition.

Dental Practice Valuation

How much is your practice is worth? We provide certified business valuations.

Buying a Dental Practice

When you’re ready to buy a dental practice, search our listings to find the right match.

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